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Are You Looking for Air Condition Repair Service in Mumbai ?

Many people in Mumbai do not pay attention to the repair and maintenance of their AC especially during the winter season which is totally wrong. All Air Conditioners whether it is a window, split or centralized are to be serviced and maintained for proper cooling and long life. Regular repair and maintenance of Ac enhance its performance and minimize the electricity consumption. Regular service can prevent minor defects and other problems from becoming serious problems. Regular maintenance can also bring down the operation cost of the Ac if done in a proper manner, especially if you are living in a city like Mumbai, where you cannot survive without an AC unit at your home or workplace .

Service Included in AC Repair Service:

• Cleaning of evaporator unit (both coils and fins)

• Examination of evaporator and valves

• Checking of temperature controls of Isolators and remote

• Condenser cleaning of both Indoor & outdoor units

• Checking of electrical Safety

• Evaluation of overall performance

• Check cooling level

• Lubrication of components if required

• Cleaning of indoor and outside units

• Checking of coil temperature

• cleaning of condensation line if necessary

• Inspection of electrical connections

• Vibration level check

• Checking of thermostat level & activity

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